Life Goal: make things a little less insane.

This is what happens when we don’t consider the people who have to use the tech we build. A hot mess.

Have you sat on your couch, playing around on your phone, and thought “Man, what were they thinking?” That’s usually where my husband chimes in and says “Drop everything. Quit your job. Go work for [insert company name].” I want to understand what inhibits users from getting the best experiences possible, so that we can produce the 21st century experiences that our customers and market demand.

Every touchpoint matters. That could look like investigating our data infrastructure, providing the right tools for our associates to help customers, or even figuring out ways to help our clients avoid waiting to talk to associates. I want to find the core problem, and figure out the best way to solve it — be it through technology or even updating an old form.

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Capital One

Senior Manager, Commercial Data Design| July 2020 — Present

  • Responsible for building Data Infrastructure Strategy & selling to senior members of the Commercial Leadership team.
  • Identified value proposition of receivables revamp based on client interviews and stakeholder feedback
  • used those inputs to work with partners to develop business plan accounting for client ROI expectation & pains to overcome to be successful.
  • People leadership — 2 people, mentored via the UXPA mentor program as well.

Design Manager | Oct 2018 — Jul 2020

  • Saved the bank $14 million in projected costs and distraction by forcing people to talk to each other through service blueprints, stakeholder interviews, Design Thinking workshops, and influence while leading a cross-Commercial client RFP scoping exercise. Gathered input from 22 teams across the Commercial Bank and Enterprise to separate bespoke needs from improvements for the rest of our client portfolio.
  • Led a group of 3 designers to overhaul our Account Opening feature through CX associate ethnography, post-pilot client interviews, and system architecture workshops. Worked with our operations teams to validate key pain points, and formulate a strategy to solve for all client-input data — moving us from unstructured emails & paper to structured Salesforce case data.
  • Team leadership — 3–5 people, mentored via the UXPA mentor program as well.


Service Design Lead | Nov 2017 — Oct 2018

  • Led a team of designers bent on making our customers’ lives easier by improving access to quality help, and automating help services through data personalization, conversational design, and feature automations.
  • Set standards for quality through understand of analytics and qualitative research for our drivers and passengers.
  • Partnered closely with Experience Insights and our Customer Experience leads to drive needs for releases and tracking outcomes.
  • People leadership — between 3 and 9 people, depending on the org structure.

Other work:

  • Successfully launched bilingual support for drivers and passengers by organizing over a dozen teams across multiple cities and continents. Worked with teams to accurately predict Spanish speaking ticket volumes, appropriately staff, develop hiring standards, and more so that we could successfully launch in 8 months.
  • Managed vendor relationship for conversational AI tool, including working with vendor and procurement on contract negotiation.
  • Led root cause analysis and developed trust with our support experience leadership as the primary contact for influxes in passenger and driver contacts. Developed relationships with support analytics, workforce management, service technology, and Support Experience leads to form a core working group to identify and put out fires.

Philips HealthCare

Senior Service Designer| Nov 2017 — Oct 2018

  • responsible for new product workflow designs in hospital general ward and skilled nursing facility settings utilizing research and design thinking methodology.
  • tested business models and value propositions for patient and business needs. Brought findings back to executives to make fundamental decisions on target medical facilities and user segments.
  • development of usability documentation and user risk mitigation strategy for FDA regulatory needs.
  • People leadership — 1 person.


Managing Consultant, UX| Jun 2016 — May 2017

Responsible for user experience visioning of new clinical use cases by leading design thinking workshops and ethnographic research.

  • Worked with product management team and clinical consultants to design and test new features.
  • Mentor and challenge junior designers to do thoughtful and user-driven work through organizing critiques and one on one touchpoints.
  • Create wireframes, visual designs, prototypes and annotations to share understanding of expectation.
  • Team leadership — up to 5 people

Consultant, UX| Jun 2015 — May 2016

UX Designer for a Watson Health Clinical offering:

  • Drive day to day product design decisions through collaborate with Offering Management and Technical teams to steer product vision
  • Develop insights in user experience for clinical environments
  • Work with research lead to find gaps in user understanding and seek confirmation of requirements
  • Assist Watson Health designers in creating a pattern library, assets and style guide to use cross platform.
  • Team leadership — up to 5 people

Shockoe Commerce Group

eCommerce Manager | Jun 2016 — May 2017

Reach eCommerce and mCommerce goals through constant improvement, vendor relations, and team coordination with the goal of site conversion improvement.

  • Supported vendor relations, monitored performance, and identified areas of product improvement.
    — Fixed bugs and website catastrophes on a semi-daily basis.
    — Fostered a Get It Done (GID) work relationship with all colleagues and employer.
  • Directed SEO through content generation, graphic design, and technical bot friendly site cleanup.
    — Oversaw and maintained new social media implementations, campaigns, and day-to-day community engagement.
    — Solved inventory, cloud integration, shipping, and site search issues across all 12 of our sites.
  • People leadership — 2 people

Google Penalty Work:

  • Resolved Google Algorithmic penalty of organic traffic issues:
  • Resulted in a 112% organic traffic increase with revenue match on
  • Increased revenue by 40% with same traffic increase on
  • Led backlink profile audits on and developed process for removing Google manual penalty post site relaunch.

I’m a designer and general doer of things that need to get done.